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i'm sorry if this doesn't belong here...

i really am sorry if this entry doesn't belong here.. you can delete it if you wish. i am lucky to have both parents living.. but im writing because of two of my close friends-- my boyfriend in particular. his dad killed himself when he was 15. though that was five years ago, he isn't over it at all. he tries to look different because he looks so much like his dad did. he doesn't really talk about it, but i know it hurts him. he just had a really rough week.. but won't talk to me about anything! i don't know what to say.. to scared to bring it up. does anyone have any suggestions? i lost a close friend last year.. but i know that pain is nowhere near the pain of losing a parent. i am not sure if anyone is reading this.. but if someone is.. do you know how i can help him feel more comfortable? sorry if this is inappropirate.
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