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I just found this community. I decided to read some enrtries, because I thought I would have something in common with everyone here. I didn't truly lose a parent though, and after reading these entries, I know how lucky I am. Two years ago, my dad got sent to jail. Turns out he was doing drugs for years. My mom knew about it, and she told him "either the drugs or me". He chose drugs. They got divorced, and my dad stayed on Long Island, and my mom was forced to sell our house and move to upstate NY.
My childhood was instatly thrown away. Everyone I ever knew, all the people I loved, gone. My dad was in jail for 6 months, and had to go to this rehab. military camp-type place. It was a miracle he survived and he is still healthy. You all probably long to see your mother/father, when I get upest when a month goes by without seeing him.
I have never really moved on. It's hard to forget. Today my mom has less than $10,000 in her bank account, and the house we live in is slowly eating away all our money for a down payment on a cheaper house. I dread the day when we end up getting a new home again; I can't bear to leave the people I've learned to love...
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