Demonessa, ruler of ninth ring of Hell (crumpled_sheets) wrote in ice_in_my_soul,
Demonessa, ruler of ninth ring of Hell

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Happy valentines day from Crumples

A valentine from a jealous whore

She told me how her
Father always sends her
flowers for valentines day
I just looked at her
and didnt' have a word to say

Mushy things like that
always get to me you see
I thought in my head
Give your father to me
I think i want to fuck him
until he is not able to see

you got a brother?
He always hugs you when you are sad?
Stop telling me things like that
You are going to make me act bad!
I want to tie your brother to a tree
and beat him senseless
and see if he wants to hug me :)

I usta love my cousin
we'll just call him Dave
It seem slike fatherless wenches
just dont' know how to behave
I wanted him to come find me
in this ugly pit where i dwell
i know he couldn't
but it would have been nice
to have someone to roll around
with in Hell.

Rage feels good
until you start to cry
I just wish sometimes
Valentines day would die.
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